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Benefits of intermittent fasting

Transcript Hi, this is Alexandra Hindson from Enlightened Learning with a follow-up to intermittent fasting and eating less or eating less frequently throughout the day.

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Walk with Angels

I have just returned from a remarkable walk out in the cool air, with skies reflecting the fires that rage along the west coast of

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Start Now

As a student of yoga, drawn by my curiosity and inner longing, I learned from my devoted and wise teachers to honour the process, a

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Leaping into space

I have just returned from one night in the mountains, a short drive from Calgary. Leaving a city under construction was a relief, even if

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The Power of Intention

The other day I was out walking on a favourite trail around the Glenmore Reservoir, where flora and fauna, rich with wildlife lives in harmony.

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The Power of Will

I am on an email list of past cohort graduate students, hosted by our former prof, David Jones, a powerful story teller and yogi. While

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Reflections on Time

For many of us who are living through this historic time in history, you maybe having an unusual experience of time. Gone is the familiar

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