Student Coaching

Enlightened Learning offers coaching services that can be customized to the needs of a high school or university student. 

University students benefit from having a learning strategist to help guide your learning process. You may have experienced your first year or a semester where your marks are not demonstrating your potential. You may have a diagnosis of a learning disability, and have discovered there is a service to support your academic ideals. (If you have a learning disability you can access funds to pay a learning strategist. See your Accessibility Services department for more information.) 

If you are a high school student you are probably in the midst of a major change in your life as you transition into your next steps. Maybe you are moving from home where there is stability and structure. You will be faced with the transition from individual support from your high school teachers to more independent learning in large lecture halls. 

Alexandra will give you strategies and support to build your confidence in the university learning environment, and tools to help you: 

  • Manage your time better so you are not racing to catch up and feeling stressed
  • Be more productive in the time you have to study and prepare for class
  • Read with great efficiency while identifying the essential
  • Study more effectively and raise your grades
  • Write with confidence and ease
  • Manage stress

Services offered


Get back on track to higher grades and experience the joy in learning. Over scheduled weekly or bi-weekly appointments, we will tailor an empowering program full of navigational tools, techniques and practices that will improve your grades and confidence as a learner. 

Our coaching package can be conducted online through Zoom or Skype.  If you would prefer a person-person meeting, Alexandra can meet you on a Calgary based campus.

Each coaching session includes academic and mindfulness practices that can be practiced and advanced in between the weekly 6 coaching sessions.  Written reports summarizing the meeting’s discussion and goal-setting will be emailed after each session.

10 Online Sessions Pre-Paid Fee: $1000.00/person
Weekly Payment Plan:  $110.00 paid prior to each session

On-site Coaching Prepaid: $750.000/person
Weekly Payment Plan:  $130.00 paid prior to each session

*Please note: students registered with their university’s Accessibility Services will be charged according to their grant from Student Aid. Please follow the link below for more information.

Funding for Students with Permanent Disabilities 2019 – 20