The Power of Intention

The other day I was out walking on a favourite trail around the Glenmore Reservoir, where flora and fauna, rich with wildlife lives in harmony. It was a beautiful day in Calgary and I was joined by many others seeking solace in nature. 

I have been thinking of ways to support students at this time, and how I could communicate encouragement and inspiration. I have been practicing setting intentions at the trail head of my route, looking for signs of this power to reveal itself and guide me. So I chose gratitude. 

As I walked, settling and relaxing into my body, I followed the quiet routes- frozen rivers and marches, opening my senses to the beauty all around. 
Suddenly I started a life review, speaking to the turning points in my life, when I had leapt into the unknown, listening to the inner compass of my intuition. As I looked back, each turning point (27 in total so far!) was gifted with angels, people who taught me the most valuable lessons at that moment in my life. Each turn was gifted with a Divine net, miraculous support that was there, promising me a soft landing. One example was a job that was waiting for me while leaping into a major move to the Okanagan from Ottawa, Ontario, as the posting had been delayed waiting for my skills to arrive. 

Suddenly I was on my knees, overwhelmed with gratitude for the miracles I was now so acutely aware of, and I thought, why do I doubt myself, my service and putting myself out into the public eye? What is there to fear? I got up and was resolute; I would walk confidently towards what I am being asked to do and STOP the procrastination, the excuses, the resistance to doing what I am being asked to do. I trust there will be angels to teach me and a net to soften the landing. 

It is my experience that the Universe loves leapers. 
How have you leapt in your life? What was your Divine net or gifted angels? 

Try this out- set an ideal you would like to bring into your day and experiment- see how the Universe responds to your call.