• Bring BALANCE TO YOUR LIFE with Mindfulness Practices
  • Raise your ACADEMIC GPA with Proven Learning Techniques
  • Increase OVERALL FOCUS and Productivity in School and/or Work
  • One-One and GROUP COACHING for Students

A Learning Strategist Offers Students Empowerment Tools for Academic and Life Success

In the midst of tremendous social and economic change, today’s student needs more tools in their academic toolbox. As a Learning Strategist I offer High School and University students a powerful tool box of confidence building and transformative mindset skills and practices for academic and life challenges.   

Students often come to me to improve their GPA. However, improving one’s GPA does not happen without adjustments to self-awareness and study practices. I offer a customized program that firstly identifies the difficulties then creates unique  strategies to improve.  Students tell me that they feel a stronger sense of balance and focus which reflects in their grades.

 Enlightened Learning is based in Calgary, Alberta.  With Zoom and Skype technologies, coaching sessions and workshops are available to anyone, anywhere in the World.

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Friday, January 29
2 – 4 p.m.

Alexandra Hindson, Learning and Life Skills Strategist

Alexandra Hindson, founder of Enlightened Learning, is a holistic Academic and Life Skills Strategist with a powerful tool kit for aspiring students. As a former university instructor with a Master’s in Education, Alexandra offers one-one and group counseling sessions that help students cope and excel with the demands of school and life in general. As a highly experienced Calgary Learning Strategist, she offers learning tools and mindful practices that aim to bring balance back to one’s life while also increasing overall focus and productivity. 

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ADHD Coaching

Students with ADHD have increased challenges in school.  Work with us to discover academic and life strategies that will improve your results.

Student Coaching

We help university and high school students get better grades and cope with the challenges of a busy academic life.


For students and educators who are looking for mindfulness tools to manage the stress and anxiety of online learning and your professional practice

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