Workshops for Students and Educators

Enlightened Learning offers resilience building workshops for individuals and educational institutions looking for strategies that increase a student’s capacity to get higher grades and lead a more balanced life. All workshops are led by Enlightened Learning’s, Alexandra Hindson.  Students can choose from upcoming workshops offering resilience building academic tools for better grades and a balanced life.  Educators can choose from a variety of workshop topics that can be held onsite or online for a student body.


Building Resilience in Challenging Times for Educators and Counsellors

 In this time of transformation, instability and uncertainty, today’s educator, learning specialists and counsellors needs to build resilience by adding more tools to their professional toolbox.  Alexandra Hindson leads this 2-hour workshop designed to teach mind and body exercises that build self-awareness, and allow for new insights into your personal and professional practice.  By increasing self-awareness of limited beliefs that hold us back, we can work towards building a powerful and transformative mindset. 

This workshop incorporates reflective (visualization and writing) and grounding (breath and posture) techniques that will access your strength and innate wisdom for a more balanced and successful life.  You will leave this 2-hour workshop feeling clearer, relaxed with new insights and decisions for moving forward in your practice as a teacher, strategist or clinician. In this interactive workshop you will have a chance to learn from others and what they are doing differently with their clients online.

Navigate the World of Online Learning for University and High School Students

Today’s student is faced with a unique educational challenge: How to learn online without live interaction and peer support.  Additionally, students needs to build resilience by adding more tools to their academic toolbox.  By increasing self-awareness of limited beliefs that hold us back, we can work towards building a higher performing academic mindset.  

Alexandra Hindson, Academic Strategist, leads a 6 part workshop series for high school and university students that provides tools that will help students become more focused, productive and joyful while working from home online. Workshops will focus on the mind-body connection, breath, mindful movement, visualization, reflection and other strategies to improve learning skills. 

This workshop is interactive where students will be working together in groups, learning from one another. Make friends, have fun and learn about yourself in this supportive and nurturing online community. By the end of this 6 weeks you will have increased self-confidence, a deeper understanding of growth mindset, creative strategies for making online learning more engaging, and a new understanding of yourself, how you learn, your strengths and challenges so you can make necessary changes to succeed. 

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