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Reflections on organization

Learn about how your outer space reflects your inner space and will determine your success in school.

Reflections on time

How time is a matter of perspective and the power of planning step by step.



Looking back on 2020

As we enter 2021, it was important for me to reflect back on 2020, a year when we had our routines and lives turned upside

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The courage to see what is.

In certain spiritual traditions, the union of knowledge with compassion is wisdom.  When I speak of knowledge, it is self-knowledge that is the greatest gift

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The Power of Breath

This summer I had a dream, a dream of gifts given from my spiritual teacher, Mary-Anne. In the dream, I and my colleague are seeking

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Walk with Angels

I have just returned from a remarkable walk out in the cool air, with skies reflecting the fires that rage along the west coast of

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