Benefits of intermittent fasting

Benefits of intermittent fasting


Hi, this is Alexandra Hindson from Enlightened Learning with a follow-up to intermittent fasting and eating less or eating less frequently throughout the day.

I wanted to follow up with this short blog post with the benefits of practicing cyclical timed meals throughout the day. Some of the benefits of this will be clarity of thinking, reduced chronic disease over time, less painful joints, greater focus and concentration and deeper sleep.

As I said before, when undigested food remains in the body system, it starts to accumulate as adipose. Fat is one of the main causes of chronic disease, often developing into cancer over time, so eating less frequently throughout the day, we actually gain more energy. And it also increases our capacity to do more throughout the day because we have more energy also, because of the focus and concentration that is increased, we are more productive. So there are just a wealth of benefits of finding ways to eat less frequently to introduce short fast throughout the day to drink more water and to breathe more deeply. The next talk, we’re going to talk about cyclical sleeping, so again using our power of self-discipline and let me translate that word into will the power of will to start getting to bed earlier and getting up earlier talk about that next time.

Talk to you soon. This is Alexandra Hindson from Enlightened Learning.

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