The Power of Will

I am on an email list of past cohort graduate students, hosted by our former prof, David Jones, a powerful story teller and yogi. While studying with him we were fortunate to be transported each day of class to higher states of mind with stories of avatars, gurus and mystics. He continues to this day, sending our dedicated cohort inspired and healthy food for the mind. He demonstrates to me in this weekly and now almost daily message of hope, a commitment with an earnest desire to lift up the wold through his students. 

I wanted to know more about how he maintains this momentum to weekly send us emails, to lift us with his much anticipated daily message now for over 5 years. Here is an interview with David Charles Jones, who taught at the University of Calgary, Werklund School of Eduction for 25 years.  
In my own experience, when my mind is focussed and concentrated it stays on course with what I have set out- an ideal and a desire to be of service and build a business, Enlightened Learning. The vision for this service is to connect young people and students of all ages with their inner knowing, learning to listen for the inner cord that when struck rings true, building trust. 

Yet recently due to the pandemic and the accompanying collective emotions of fear, uncertainty, and my own restlessness, seeking distractions from all the above, I feel like I am swimming in a sea of agitation, the quiet discomfort of the unknown.

How do we train, calm or teach our senses that look, listen, touch or feel, taste and smell, longing to ease this dis-ease? When I concentrate my mind on a project or activity, with a time limit that I set for myself, it helps to close the doors of my perceptions that seek a stimulation, withdrawing them from the world in the quiet cave of my heart. 

I begin by choosing a creative project to focus on, such as writing, and I commit to one-hour a day to write an article for my blog or FaceBook page. The intention for writing is clear in my mind- to share the knowledge I have acquired with students and life long learners who are seeking to find a way to succeed in life. I first need to decide I will succeed in inspiring others- a decision of will, recognizing what when I share what I have learned, you will have more knowledge and success. 
I say to myself: “I will.”

I choose the mood that I will have while writing. I decide I will feel joy, acceptance and love, while removing the traces of pride, fear or self-doubt. I wonder if this gives my word a resonance that will lift up my readers. I reflect daily reminding myself of the most important question- “What is the purpose of my life?” If all my actions can ideally arise from this place then this concentrated effort will naturally fulfill my ideal or purpose. When my ideal and purpose of my life, to be the master/mistress of my mind and to develop the potential that awaits from a  mind whose powers are directed and concentrated, I will thereby be sharing with you that same freedom and power I am winning for myself!

Ask yourself: What is the purpose of my life?
Name a creative project you want to commit to over the next while. What attitude or mood do you want to cultivate or commit to while working on this project?