ADHD Strategist and Coach

Throughout her 11 year practice, Alexandra Hindson has been a Learning Strategist for numerous university students from across Canada.  Many of these students with ADHD benefit greatly from the support of an academic-mindfulness coach and strategist who has an understanding of how to manage ADHD symptoms.  

Students with ADHD often suffer from anxiety and depression, making school, work, and life that much harder.  Learning how to manage difficult emotions is essential for optimal success in school and life.  Alexandra is sought after for her ability to strengthen her student’s confidence and increase their GPA.

Enlightened Learning has a wholistic mindset.  With an extensive yoga teaching background, Alexandra  incorporates mindfulness practices into her ADHD coaching. When students start practicing a simple form of mindfulness they begin to gain control over difficult emotions.  As a result, their ability to learn, acquire and remember information is strengthened. This practice of tuning into oneself gives students and adults ways to transform old emotional coping mechanisms into emotional intelligence. 

With an experienced ADHD Strategist and Coach discover and promote your strengths and learn how to transform your weaknesses.  With the right coaching and helpful tools and strategies, you will quickly see progress in both your school and personal life!

 As a senior yoga teacher and practitioner who has practiced self-awareness and mindfulness for over 25 years, Alexandra is passionate about the mind-body connection as a way to build resilience, lowering stress, thereby improving learning. As a compassionate listener, she adapts the learning strategies and timeless spiritual practices to complement your life and unique personality.

 Meet with Alexandra to discuss your learning needs and a plan that works with your budget.

 Individual coaching and group coaching options are available.

ARDR: Audio Reflex Desensitization and Reprocessing

What is ARDR?

ARDR was developed by Lanny Williamson, a long-time sound engineer working throughout N.A, from Nashville to L.A., and Toronto to Vancouver. He developed a deep interest in the potential of sound to heal the body- mind when he had an experience while in the Egyptian pyramids.  He recognized that sound is energy medicine, and can be used to heal the body and mind.

He went on to create ARDR, applying Solfeggio frequencies at its core, then adding his proprietary harmonics to energize audio perception and emotional attachment and panoramic intensity manipulation. This panning technology is crucial to the success of ARDR, where it moves the composition from left to right ear, stimulating the brains hemispheres, known as bilateral stimulation. This builds a harmony between the left and right hemisphere of the brain where improvements in cognition, learning, social interaction and more have been identified.

In my experience, ARDR resulted in a greater ability to see a larger picture of my life (right brain) and the ability to take the action steps to fulfilling this vision (left brain).

Each session is unique, depending on the compositions used.Often I experience a deep relaxation and other times powerful images from my past that bring up emotions, which helps me heal. Several people who have worked with Lanny have experienced healing from childhood abandonment, personal trauma, low self-esteem, traumatic brain injury, grief and loss as well as physical illnesses. 


“I cry through the whole first time through, feels like such a release of grief, sadness, trauma…, second one deepens, and the third one, I go to the void where I feel the healing begins to happen. After the third composition, I cry with gratitude and love, then I feel settled, peaceful and today, so grateful for my soul, love and life.”