ADHD Coaching

Throughout her 8 year practice, Alexandra Hindson has been an ADHD Coach for numerous university students.  Students with ADHD benefit greatly from the support of an academic-wellness Coach who has an understanding of how to manage ADHD symptoms.  

Students with ADHD often suffer from anxiety and depression, making school, work, and life that much harder.  Learning how to manage difficult emotions is essential for optimal success in school and life.  Alexandra is sought after for her ability to strengthen her student’s confidence and increase their GPA.

Enlightened Learning has a holistic mindset.  With an extensive yoga teaching background, Alexandra  incorporates mindfulness practices into her ADHD coaching. When students start practicing a simple form of mindfulness they begin to gain control over difficult emotions.  As a result, their ability to learn, acquire and remember information is strengthened. This practice of tuning into oneself gives students and adults ways to nourish and parent themselves, transforming old emotional coping mechanisms into emotional intelligence. 

With an experienced ADHD Coach discover and promote your strengths and learn how to transform your weaknesses.  With the right coaching, you can very quickly see progress in both your school and personal life!

 As a yoga practitioner who have practiced self-awareness and mindfulness for over 25 years, Alexandra is passionate about the   mind body connection as a way to build resilience, lowering stress, thereby improving learning. As a compassionate listener,   she adapts the learning strategies and timeless spiritual practices to complement your life and unique personality.

 Meet with Alexandra to discuss your learning needs and a plan that works with your budget.

 Individual coaching and group coaching options are available.