Start where you are

I am excited about the first retreat of the series beginning on Sunday, January 29 from noon to 4:00, at Rosedale Community Centre! I want to share a bit more about the first in this 3-part series which is about preparing a clear pathway for lift-off in 2023 to 2026 for a destination of your choice.

Let’s look at the liftoff process as seen in a winged bird. It starts with lifting off the ground using our wings of intelligence and wisdom, flying with a clear path and destination. It takes momentum as seen in some birds, they need to run creating the energy, momentum needed to fly. Momentum is focused energy and like a plane or rocket ship needs firm ground for safe liftoffs.

In this retreat, you will be starting with the ground of your experience while building energy for liftoff. So we want to know what earth and energy mean to us symbolically. The Symbolic is the language of the unconscious mind and in this workshop, you are getting acquainted with your symbols.

As we explore these symbols or seals they open up their secrets of new energy for our lives. To make significant changes it is very helpful to be aware of where we have locked or stuck energy in our bodies, limiting our potential selves. It is like untapped sources of fuel, like oil deposits under the earth, forgotten and waiting for our discovery. Or where we are leaking our energy out through distractions or co-dependent relationships or allowing contaminants into our fuel tank through over-empathizing or poor boundaries.

So we begin… first at the earth, the foundation of your life and your body, which hold mountains of reserves waiting for you to tap the energies of creation. Our lives hold rich clues revealing a wealth of experience and wisdom to inform your next steps.

When you make a commitment or promise to yourself for change, the creator, universe, god or however you name it will without a doubt communicate with signs of This Way! bringing opportunities, synchronicities and the people who will help you catalyze change. You may witness delightful signs guiding you with encouragement, like a heavenly host celebrating your courage to leap into the unknown called life! Your task is to listen, paying attention to the symbols and signs.

This is the Way of the Warrior, and this is what 321 Liftoff will endeavour to give, tools for listening and acting upon the journey of reaching for your Star.